The process of replacing the back glass on your iPhone has never been this easy & convenient!

Thanks to our 8W Fiber Laser, we can safely & efficiently remove the back glass layer.

This is the process that we take to replace your iPhone’s back glass.

Initial Device Evaluation
We’ll test the functions that we’re able to before in-taking your device. 

Once we confirm your iPhone’s frame isn’t catastrophically compromised or bent…. 

Turning The Phone Off
We’ll make sure your phone’s battery isn’t in use & is turned off.
Our protective case



We’ll fit your phone into 1 of our protective cases that protect sensitive components, like your cameras, wireless charging coil, etc.

Placing your phone on our laser bed
Next we’ll position your phone on our laser’s bed & load your phone’s model in our iCloud CAD software.
Fume box extractor

We’ll place our fume extractor box over the phone. Before operation of the laser we’ll test to ensure the fume extractor is working efficiently. The fumes that come off the phone are toxic and needs to properly filtered. We’ve got multiple levels of filters to protect our technicians.
Once we confirm that everything is working good, we turn on the filter & move to the computer.

Best demo of the process
Click here to view video